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Calling Smokey the Bear . . .  S'mores

Campfire Songs 

Whether it's KumbayahShe'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain, or the haunting notes of Taps, there's a rich heritage of campfire music to share with students. Web resources include:

Around the Campfire - CD by Peter, Paul & Mary

American Folk Songs for Children - a nice collection of folk music

Class Camping Trips

Can't take your students camping? Download Terry Smyth's campfire on Vimeo. (Trust me: I've spent hours previewing virtual campfires. This one is a winner.) Camping Theme from ProTeacher
See Library Campout
A Camping We Will Go
from KinderKorner
Coleman lantern
- an intriguing tidbit from history about how Mr. Coleman's poor vision lead to the invention of the Coleman lantern

Toasting Marshmallows

Jelly Belly has toasted marshmallow flavored jelly beans, in case toasting marshmallows in your classroom just isn't practical <wink>. 

Just for fun:

Marshmallow-toasting snowpeople in case it's too cold to go camping

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