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Fold this dog! (Whisper a poem in his ear...)

See an amazing (and huge!) origami project with paper cranes.

Meet some Artists

These talented illustrators created the art for my books:

Kate Kiesler

Barry Moser

June Otani

Maggie Smith

Lauren Stringer

Debbie Tilley




Author Report

  I know. . . your report is due tomorrow. Quick! Check out:  "Biography.


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Like dogs? Read Zeke's Story

Tips for Poets - Observation and Noticing

Learn more about SWIMMING UPSTREAM: MIDDLE SCHOOL POEMS. Read what students across the country are saying about middle school at Middle School Musings.

See who won the Amazing Middle School Poetry Quest -- then read some poems by Middle School Poets!

 Listen up! I'm reading my poem aloud!


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 Good book!


Read some of the poems from my books

Learn more about hummingbirds.


Writer's notebook. Write and publish your own poems.

Check out Student Poets

Click on the book jackets below to learn more about the books I've written and what inspired me. 


More fun stuff!

Meet my neighbors!

Photo by Dustin T., age 11
Juliet is a goat who likes to munch roses. Thorns?  No problem.


King of the Hill

Driving home in the late afternoon, I spotted a coyote. I pulled over, rolled the window down, and took a quick picture as he loped off.

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